March 1, 2011 –

Well hello and say hello to Ruh while you’re here!  This is the latest update on him, from yesterday after my lunch at work.  Almost half of page 2 complete.  It’s slow going right now, and I really do need to set aside some time at home to work on him.  I really need the motivation. 

When I get home, I just want to eat dinner, get done with the showers and such and relax.  I mean, stitching is relaxing to me, but not in the same way as, let us say, WoW, or watching Netflix.  Plus I really don’t like to stitch when I ‘m tired, because I tend to have to frog it later… and Seeing as I am now to the place where I am skipping stitches for other colors (THAN BLACK), I don’t want to count wrong.

So K is on a cruise right now to Mexico!  I am so happy she got to get away from all of this cause she was stressing big time before she left.  But holy crap I miss her!  She is my buffer against M.  I have now made it through 3 days and I have 3 left… I am now the little engine that could!  I think I can, I think I can…

Hubby, DD and I got to see our squishy recently!  OMG it was great to see her!  I haven’t seen her in a few years and I just can not believe it had been so long.  She just started a new job last Weds and she is really liking it.  She contacted my hubby because they have a job opening.  Last night we went and dropped off his resume and he should have his interview on Friday.  I am so hoping he gets the job.  It would be great and I think he would like it for a change. 

Speaking of my squishy, her boyfriend is living with her and he plays WOW.  He is a big time player too.  Well apparently his computer stopped working at some point and squishy asked if my hubby could look at it and see if he could fix it.  He did look at it and fixed it right away, it was a fast and easy fix for my hubby and his awesome computer skills!  Squishies BF was sooo happy!  It was so cute, lol.  Anywho, so hubby has been playing a bit with him and we all made toons on his server.  I haven’t done much with them, but I don’t have one high enough level yet on the server.  My hubby moved over his 85, so that worked out fine.

Our DD is so big… and I don’t want her to grow up so fast.  I want her to stay small forever so that she needs me!  But she is growing into a beautiful smart girl.  I love her so much!

That’s about it for now.  I will try to get back soon for more updates!



February 7, 2011 -Better-

I’m feeling better!  Woohoo! 

So here is where we went Saturday:

Isn’t it beautiful!  We took a ride to Calistoga.  This is one of the wineries.  We took our DD as she is a princess!  We had a blast!  We got to tour the castle and see all of the different rooms.  Our DD had a wonderful time, only bored during the wine tasting which didn’t take too long.  Even then, she got chocolate and grape juice!  I took a ton of pictures, but this one is a nice shot of the outside of the castle.  We then took a ride a bit farther north, and then turned around and went in a totally different direction.  It was a fun long day and we all had a great time.

Ruh got some work done on him today.  He’s looking good, even if it is all black background right now.

M is bugging the crap out of me at work… my goodness she needs to retire or something.

Hope you all have a great week!!!

January 28, 2011

Okay, I’m back.  So for the stitchy news:  You saw Ruh, he is coming along nicely.  There is just so much black!  I do like how the other colors pop out though and once I get more done, it will continue to look better because I am doing all of the background (black). 

I haven’t worked on him at home for a while and I think I need to change that.  He is going to take me a long time anyways, and I really don’t want to make it even longer.  If I could just get a schedule down at home for which nights to do what during the week and then on the weekends do such and such it would be great.  However, I have not done that yet…

So this weekend is our DD’s 11th birthday party.  She didn’t want it after her birthday, so a few days before is fine.  Plus next weekend is Superbowl sunday, and that never goes over well for kid’s birthday parties.  She is very excited as her bff gets to finally meet her cousin.  I’m sure fun will be had by all.

Work was quite interesting today.  I had to go to a meeting with M and one other person.  First off, she left without me and when I got to the conference room she acted like I wasn’t supposed to be there.  It was an interesting hour and 45 minutes…  Jeesh I dislike meetings, and then top it off with M, bleh.  Other than that, it went fine.  No bad things really happened other than when I first walked in.

That’s it for today my pretties.  Have a great weekend and have a cupcake to celebrate our DD’s b-day!


January 28, 2011 – Why does it bother me?

I know that I shouldn’t let her get to me but she does.  And sometimes, I think she knows it.  So today, I have decided to push past all of the negative crap she sends out and be a happy person.  I mean, it is Friday. 

Today so far at work hasn’t been bad.  There are times when I enjoy her being pissed off at me, because then she doesn’t talk to me… kind of breaks up the day ya know?   But today I think she is just upset because I’m not upset. 

Have you ever tried not to let someone get to you, no matter what they say or do?  It’s not an easy task, at all!  However, I have noticed that if you put a smile on your face it helps, and she seems to be bothered by it as well.  Which doesn’t make for such a bad thing. 

I have numerous examples of what she has said or done, and not just to me, but in general.  And of course she never acts like that around our boss, because that would be horrid.  So when I have said something to him in the past, he is amazed that she acted like that.  Of course now, I think he knows what she is like, he has heard it from too many people.

So today, I put on a happy face and she can go suck on a tailpipe.  It doesn’t bother me that she is upset because I am happy today, in fact, I think it’s pretty damn funny. 

More later, but hopefully updates and such.  Oh and our DD’s b-day party is this weekend too!


January 17, 2011

There he is as of December 31st, 2010.  There is more done to him now, but I haven’t taken a picture yet.  I was just glad to finish the first page before the end of the year. 

I know I haven’t been out here lately, but it’s been a little busy at work since the beginning of the year and I have yet to do anything on this blog from home.  I just keep finding other things to do ya know?

So our DD is turning 11 soon!  Wow, time flies by so quickly.  I can not believe that she is almost 11.  It is just amazing how fast she has grown up.  She got to stay home today from school as it is MLK day.  She and my hubby are playing WoW, but not together…  She is doing good in school, although she did get in trouble recently for talking in class too much.  We took her computer/games away from her for 4 days.  She was not happy about that at all, but hopefully it won’t happen again.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, seeing as she is a social butterfly.  But maybe she will learn to get it under control.

We have all been playing WoW quite a bit, my DD and I have been leveling together.  She enjoys the game, and I am having fun teaching her the ins and outs of it.  Hubby of course answers anything that I can not, or am not sure about.  He’s the man when it comes to the game.  I am trying to learn as much as I can on it, but sometimes the reading on it can become quite boring…

Tax season is coming… bleh.  I have no idea what to expect.  Hubby’s unemployment has run out, so we now don’t have that extra income.  Hopefully we can survive, please keep up in your thoughts.  I’m tired of living where we live but we don’t have a lot of options on what to do about it.  I have so many rambling thoughts on it, it is insane.

My other cross stitches have been put to the wayside for now.  I haven’t stitched much at home lately, but I should try to get at least 5 hours a week at home on Ruh.  That would knock out more in a shorter amount of time.  My goal on him for 2011 is to have 4 pages complete.  I am really hoping I can get more than that done, but I really have no idea, so I will just stick with this for now.  Even at that rate, it will be 14 years before I complete him… that is way too long!

Okay, hope everyone who had today off of work had a great day.  And to those of us who had to work, I hope it was an easy day.


December 23, 2010

My beautiful daughter on the night of her concert.  50’s Rock N Roll!  She looked wonderful and the whole show was awesome! 

So who is ready for Christmas?  I hope everyone is, and if you aren’t, I hope you are really REALLY close to being done.  Only a little time left to shop.  The only thing we forgot to get was something Bieber for our DD.  She doesn’t like him, so we were going to get her something just to torture her with it… (cause we are mean like that), but couldn’t find anything.  Apparently he’s the popular one!  (Just not with our DD)!  haha

Ruh is moving right along.  I have finished all of the black on the first page and have moved on to the next color which is:  black brown!  LOL!  You really can’t see much of a difference, but it’s there.  I don’t want to post an update on him until I have finished the first page, which I am hoping will be very soon.  Eeyore and Piglet have been put by the wayside for right now… until I finish the first page at least!  So much for having them done by Christmas. 

We have both been playing WoW, as the expansion came out.  Goblins!  Our daughter is playing on my account right now, as we haven’t gotten her the expansion yet.  But.. it’s a Xmas present, so she will have it in a couple of days.  I am enjoying the changes so far to the game.  I like the goblin race, and have been having fun running around on my trike!  lol

I have been away from here for a bit and I’m sorry about that, but life happens.  Stuff seems to get in the way a lot.  I usually don’t blog from home, but I might have to change that. 

So last night, one of my sisters, LM, had a get together at her house.  I have not seen 2 of my sisters for approximately 13 and a half years.  There is a lot of background there.  I don’t want to get fully into it, but will say that it was an interesting evening.  I enjoyed myself for the most part.  I just wonder what my mom would have thought about that…

Enough on that for now.  Maybe later I will tell more of the tale.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy time alone, with your family or with your friends.  Tis the season!


November 9, 2010

So, yesterday was a big day for celebrations!   My hubby’s birthday was yesterday, he turned 36!  We started dating 19 years ago!!!  We haven’t smoked for 8 months!  See, celebrations all around.  We all went out to dinner and had a wonderful evening.  I love my husband more than life itself.  I would do anything for him and I know he would do the same for me.  We are very strong together as we have each other.  19 years is a long time when you think about all of the people who are divorced or separated or what have you.  In this day and age, being together for so long is a prize, and something to hold onto.  I cherish my hubby.

Onto other things:  Stitchy news:  Wow, I need to get busy.  It’s Nov 9th!  I still need to finish a page of UL, and Eeyore for 1 sister and a Piglet for another sister!  Jeesh!  What the hell as I doing?  Oh… sitting on my ass at home and doing nothing?  Yeah… that’s it.  It’s hard to get motivated some times isn’t it?  Lately it is hard to even get anything done at home, much less more than 1 thing. 

We cancelled our DD’s gym and my gym membership for 6 months.  It needed to be done to save the money for just a little while.  We are going to be working out at home on the Wii every other day.  I’m looking forward to it.

Stitchy news:  UL has got almost 3000 stitches into him, all black.  I am enjoying it still and I look forward to a different color, but that will be a little while longer I think.

DD and I are now reading each night, 30 minutes.  She hurt my feelings the other night, (one day last week), and read without me.  Even though we are not talking during those 30 minutes, I enjoy that time with her.  It is nice to sit with her and do something, no matter what it is. 

Okay, I think that is it for now.  Not sure when the next UL update will be, maybe later this week.  Have a good one!

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