I am a cross stitcher and I am not afraid to admit it!  It relaxes me and makes what is bothering me at the time seem to disappear for just a little while. 

This blog is my story about cross stitching, health, living, thinking, breathing… just about everything.  Of course it started as a cross stitch blog, it has changed a little over time.  I will always update my cross stitching status when I have anything to update on. 

I have been married since 1996 to a wonderful man.  We have been together since 1991.  We have a beautiful daughter who was born in 2000 and she is the light of our eyes.  We currently have 1 cat, Angel.  Angel is a large kitty, but not super huge!

I live in the Bay area, CA, about 30 minutes north of San Francisco (with no traffic).  I have lived in CA my entire life and I don’t know if that will ever change. 

I am a Taurus, so I am stubborn and hard headed when it comes to certain things.  I usually speak my mind and very rarely worry about what others think of me.  I have an “off” sense of humor.  I have been called dark and bubbly by many!  My listening skills are sublime and if I consider you a friend, I will do anything I possibly can for you.  I stand by my friends and family to no end.  I will help when needed or just give a shoulder to cry on.  If you take the time to get to know me, you may like me.  If you don’t want to take the time, so be it. 



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