February 2, 2011 Sickly

I’m sick…. and at work…. this sucks.

Been here so far all day, wanting to not be here at all.  I got 175 emails while out 2 days.  I have 6 left that I am working on, but since the Mid to Eastern part of the USA is snowed in and not working, I won’t be able to do squat on those today anyways.  Why am I still here?  Well…  My wonderful co-worker M has a dentist appointment.  She left for the day already and that would leave K here all by herself for the remainder of the day.  I have an issue with this.  First – M told me this morning when I walked in that she didn’t expect to see me in this week at all.  Second – M’s dentist appointment is a cleaning, one that could have been re-scheduled.  Third – Even though she wasn’t expecting me today, she did not change her appointment, so K would have been all alone for the majority of the day.  Fourth – M is a bitch. 

It isn’t all that busy in here, but if you knew that you had an appointment and figured your co-worker was going to be out sick, leaving the other one alone for the majority of the day, would you cancel and reschedule your appointment?  I would have, but maybe that is because I actually give a crap.  I will probably leave early, I’m thinking about 2:30ish, so that K will be able to take a lunch and will then only be here for 2 hours by herself.  But if I make it that long, can’t I make it until 4:30??  I know I feel horrid, and probably look just as bad, but until she tells me to go home, I’m not moving.  Plus, my hubby would have to come and get me anyways (he’s at his moms working today), so that would be at least 20 minutes of working after she told me to leave.

Right now, I just want to sleep… is that so bad?


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