January 28, 2011

Okay, I’m back.  So for the stitchy news:  You saw Ruh, he is coming along nicely.  There is just so much black!  I do like how the other colors pop out though and once I get more done, it will continue to look better because I am doing all of the background (black). 

I haven’t worked on him at home for a while and I think I need to change that.  He is going to take me a long time anyways, and I really don’t want to make it even longer.  If I could just get a schedule down at home for which nights to do what during the week and then on the weekends do such and such it would be great.  However, I have not done that yet…

So this weekend is our DD’s 11th birthday party.  She didn’t want it after her birthday, so a few days before is fine.  Plus next weekend is Superbowl sunday, and that never goes over well for kid’s birthday parties.  She is very excited as her bff gets to finally meet her cousin.  I’m sure fun will be had by all.

Work was quite interesting today.  I had to go to a meeting with M and one other person.  First off, she left without me and when I got to the conference room she acted like I wasn’t supposed to be there.  It was an interesting hour and 45 minutes…  Jeesh I dislike meetings, and then top it off with M, bleh.  Other than that, it went fine.  No bad things really happened other than when I first walked in.

That’s it for today my pretties.  Have a great weekend and have a cupcake to celebrate our DD’s b-day!



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