January 28, 2011 – Why does it bother me?

I know that I shouldn’t let her get to me but she does.  And sometimes, I think she knows it.  So today, I have decided to push past all of the negative crap she sends out and be a happy person.  I mean, it is Friday. 

Today so far at work hasn’t been bad.  There are times when I enjoy her being pissed off at me, because then she doesn’t talk to me… kind of breaks up the day ya know?   But today I think she is just upset because I’m not upset. 

Have you ever tried not to let someone get to you, no matter what they say or do?  It’s not an easy task, at all!  However, I have noticed that if you put a smile on your face it helps, and she seems to be bothered by it as well.  Which doesn’t make for such a bad thing. 

I have numerous examples of what she has said or done, and not just to me, but in general.  And of course she never acts like that around our boss, because that would be horrid.  So when I have said something to him in the past, he is amazed that she acted like that.  Of course now, I think he knows what she is like, he has heard it from too many people.

So today, I put on a happy face and she can go suck on a tailpipe.  It doesn’t bother me that she is upset because I am happy today, in fact, I think it’s pretty damn funny. 

More later, but hopefully updates and such.  Oh and our DD’s b-day party is this weekend too!



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