January 27, 2011 Bitchfest

So today and yesterday have been interesting at work…  I was on vacation on Monday and Tuesday my DD was sick and stayed home from school.  My hubby already had plans to work at his moms, so I stayed home.  I arrived yesterday morning to M giving me, (or trying to give me), a guilt trip because she didn’t know I was going to be out Monday.  I had told her awhile ago, and sent the email showing it was approved by our boss.  It is also on our shared email calendar and on a huge calendar on the wall.  Please keep in mind that I also send out a “while I’m out” email to M & K and my boss before I leave the day before vacation.  Just to let them know what is going on in my areas.  So apparently I was supposed to feel bad… I don’t.  K comes in and she barely says boo to me, but is all buddy buddy with M.  Well this is new.  Hmm.  So yesterday, neither one of them spoke to me much at all.  Seemed a bit odd.  Neither asked about my DD either.  W/E.

Today I get in and say good morning, (M arrives early and is here when I get here).  She says nada.  K walks in a little later and says morning.  I say it back.  Pretty much a normal day so far.  Then I get that feeling like something is going on, and they both start laughing.  What’s so funny?  No clue.  Guess they were emailing back and forth to each other.  Thats new too.  (At least that I know of). 

M has this, hmm how do I put it, annoying way to try to prove that she knows more and is so much better than both K and I.  What she doesn’t seem to see is that it makes her look like an idiot.  We are both going into a meeting tomorrow, she doesn’t understand why I was invited…  do I still go?  You bet your butt I am.  Even though she doesn’t think that I should be in there and probably doesn’t think that I know anything about it.  Funny, cause I know quite a bit about it, probably why I was invited and have already been to some about the same exact thing.

I don’t understand why it is bothering me so much lately, but it really is.  I don’t want to bother my boss about it either.  I can say something to her, but she will just say that wasn’t what she was doing and then I will get payback.  She does that all of the time.  You call her on something and at some point she will get you back for it.  What I don’t understand is that when she does shit like that, it makes her look like she doesn’t know what the hell she is doing.  She makes so many mistakes, it is ridiculous.  You would think that she would get called out on them by our boss… maybe she does.  She never comes back from her reviews in a good mood.

That’s it for now.  I will probably get on here later today or tomorrow for an updated pic of Ruh.  He’s coming along slowly… a ton of black going on right now.


Oh and btw, my DD is feeling much better and went to school the next day.


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