December 23, 2010

My beautiful daughter on the night of her concert.  50’s Rock N Roll!  She looked wonderful and the whole show was awesome! 

So who is ready for Christmas?  I hope everyone is, and if you aren’t, I hope you are really REALLY close to being done.  Only a little time left to shop.  The only thing we forgot to get was something Bieber for our DD.  She doesn’t like him, so we were going to get her something just to torture her with it… (cause we are mean like that), but couldn’t find anything.  Apparently he’s the popular one!  (Just not with our DD)!  haha

Ruh is moving right along.  I have finished all of the black on the first page and have moved on to the next color which is:  black brown!  LOL!  You really can’t see much of a difference, but it’s there.  I don’t want to post an update on him until I have finished the first page, which I am hoping will be very soon.  Eeyore and Piglet have been put by the wayside for right now… until I finish the first page at least!  So much for having them done by Christmas. 

We have both been playing WoW, as the expansion came out.  Goblins!  Our daughter is playing on my account right now, as we haven’t gotten her the expansion yet.  But.. it’s a Xmas present, so she will have it in a couple of days.  I am enjoying the changes so far to the game.  I like the goblin race, and have been having fun running around on my trike!  lol

I have been away from here for a bit and I’m sorry about that, but life happens.  Stuff seems to get in the way a lot.  I usually don’t blog from home, but I might have to change that. 

So last night, one of my sisters, LM, had a get together at her house.  I have not seen 2 of my sisters for approximately 13 and a half years.  There is a lot of background there.  I don’t want to get fully into it, but will say that it was an interesting evening.  I enjoyed myself for the most part.  I just wonder what my mom would have thought about that…

Enough on that for now.  Maybe later I will tell more of the tale.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy time alone, with your family or with your friends.  Tis the season!



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