November 16, 2010

Hello!  And how is everyone today?  I have been perusing other blogs and I must say I have found a few that I enjoy reading.  There are a lot of people out there that have things to say!  I am only 1 in a bazillion it seems.
I have not worked on UL in a couple of days.  I left work early on Friday so he didn’t get anything done that day.  Yesterday my hubby picked me up and we went and got jamba for lunch.  Today I had a massive headache and napped at lunchtime.  Hopefully tomorrow he will get some stitches into him.  My plans were to stitch today, but my headache was horrid and was upsetting my tummy as well.  (No clue why, it is weird I know).  Eeyore has not seen any stitches lately either.  I need to get to work on that. 
Soon I will be giving lots of info on Cross stitching news and deals.  I just have to get some info first. 
I hope everyone is enjoying their week.  Ta!

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