October 25, 2010

It’s Monday and the weekend, (as they always do), went by too fast.  Saturday we puppy sat for my sister.  We got to her house at 10:30 and left at 6:30.  Then we went to dinner with my other sister and her hubby.  We had a great time!  On our way home, my hubby said something that I agree with 100% and more.  It feels like we have been talking to them, (hanging out with them), for ever.  And I agree.  We get along very well and it is very comfortable to be with them.  We have numerous years between us, but that doesn’t seem to be a factor at all.  I like that and I love my sister.  I’m glad I have her back in my life.

My other sister, L, apparently had a bbq on Saturday.  All of my other sisters (and their families) were invited.  I was not.  I can not make her like me or invite me to things or even talk to me.  But I wish that I could be told why I am not talked to by her and I am ignored to the fullest degree.  I don’t get it.  My sister we had dinner with… um I shall call her TM, was invited.  She did not feel right about going when she knew that I was not invited, so she didn’t go.  My sister… TL, (with the puppy), did go.  That is why we were at her house puppy sitting.  When she told me where they were going, which she did the night before, it was like she didn’t even want to say where they were going.  Maybe she felt guilty or something, I really don’t know.  I haven’t talked to her about it since.

It bothers me.  I know that.  I have reached out and have not even gotten a rejection in response… I get nothing.  What am I supposed to do?  What can I do?  How many times do you reach out to get your hand slapped back before you stop?

Stitching news:  I worked on UL today and he now has 1600 stitches in him.  woohoo!  He looks like a black blob at the moment.  I will update soon.  I worked on an old (old old) wip at my sister’s house on saturday.  No work on Eeyore.

We haven’t worked out in a while, we are going to go Wednesday come hell or high water.  I don’t care… we need to get back to the gym.

I’m taking some time off later this week.  Hopefully it will be a nice mini vacation.

Our DD’s parent/teacher conference is Wednesday. 

So when do you give up?  When do you count your blessings and walk away?


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