October 22, 2010

Today is a crappy Friday at work.  It seemed like today was the day to dump on our group here.  From internal people to customers to auditors.  Just a sucky day.  I’m hoping this evening will go better. 

So my sister got a puppy!  She took Donkey, and renamed her Lucy.  Our DD is thrilled!  She will get to see her now, and probably more often than she would over at her grandmas. 

No stitching today.  I napped again.  I’m really tired.  I might take UL home with me this weekend but I doubt it.  I will probably work on Eeyore if I do any stitching this weekend. 

Speaking of this weekend, we probably have to puppy sit on Saturday.  Then I asked hubby if he would play WoW with me this weekend.  (He’s been playing AC = asherons call = puke).  He said yes, so he is finishing up his school work tonight so that we can play later this evening.

I will be making a stew tomorrow and a turkey meatloaf tonight for dinner.  Oh and cheesy potatoes probably on Sat.

Have a good weekend everyone! 


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