October 21, 2010

It’s Thursday, one day closer to the weekend.  I am ready for it.  After having my vacation where I was sick for the majority of it, I need another vacation!  Good thing I get a mini one next week.

I didn’t work on UL at lunch today.  I went and took a nap in the car.  Considering I was falling asleep on the way in to work today, I thought it would be a good idea to nap.  I’m too tired and I have to drive home too.

‘Are they not adorable?  Our former dog, Lea, had 6 puppies.  They turned 7 weeks yesterday and my hubby took this pic while over at his moms.  (Lea is at hubbies mom’s house).  The one looking up is nicknamed Scooter.  The black one is nicknamed Houdini.  The others are Wrinkles, Donkey, Panda and Paws.  4 girls, 2 boys.  My sister is going to be taking one of them, probably Donkey, but she’s not 100% yet.  She is going over now with my hubby and her hubby to see them for the first time.  I told her she was going to fall in love with all of them, and want to take them all.  My DD is happy she is taking one though, cause she will be able to see it all the time.  (My hubbies mom doesn’t plan on keeping any of them as they already have 3 dogs). 

Not much else is going on.  K had the day off work today, so it was just me and M.  She should have left a little bit ago, but she hasn’t yet.  After she leaves, I’ll be all by myself for the rest of the day… I’ll try not to fall asleep at my desk.  haha

My ear is driving me nuts and I don’t have any allergy pills with me.  Sucks!  I took some tylenol, not sure if it will help, but oh well.  Maybe it will get rid of the headache that is trying to form.

Okay that is it my pretties.  Have a great rest of the day and remember:  tomorrow is Friday!


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