October 12, 2010

Howdy.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been out here.  Don’t judge!  I have my reasons! 

I got my fabric back yesterday for UL.  He got 2 more rows of black into him yesterday.  I think he will get more today, but I’m not yet 100% sure on that.  (I might want to sleep at lunch). 

My last post, if you recall, was about how M had my fabric and was sick and I complained… blah blah blah.  Well I got kicked in the ass for that.  She didn’t come back that week and I was on vacation the week after.  The kick part: yeah, I was sick for 6 of my 9 days off.  WTF?  I’m still sick, it’s all in my throat and sinuses, but I’m here at work… woohoo.  It’s not like I have a fever or anything, I just feel like crap. 

Basically I am just happy to have UL back and in my hands so that I can stitch on him again.  It felt very good to get some stitches into him yesterday.  I think I will stitch on him today actually, (I don’t really need the wake up feeling at work.  As my cough/cold/sinus issue is worse in the mornings when I wake up and later in the evening). 

I got a new MP3, so I gave my old one to my daughter.  She is enjoying it.  Much nicer than the one she had before.  The one I got has 4 times the space as my old one, so I am just waiting to put some new music on there.  I enjoy listening to it while at lunch stitching.  It helps to take me away!  At home, I will listen to it if I stitch.  Sometimes I will listen while playing WoW.  (Yep, I’m a WoW player). 

Speaking of… so my hubby and I had a conversation the other day.  An MMO is a massive multi online game.  No where in there does it state that it must be a “graphical” game right?  So he was telling me that his first MMO was Asheron’s Call and I told him that it was Gemstone.  (Anyone ever heard of that game)?  He disagreed because he said that an MMO is a graphic game.  Which of us is correct?  Gemstone or Asheron’s Call – Which one was his first MMO?  I consider Gemstone my first MMO.  I played Everquest briefly, played StarWars Galaxy, (loved the game until they made all of the retarded changes).  I am pretty sure I played another one before WoW, but can not for the life of me think of what it was.  We had played WoW for a while with his guild, LoTD,  (Don’t even get me started on that), and then we quit playing.  We are now playing again, casually to level up some characters to 80.  (We already have some to 80, but want to get a few more up there and we are also making one for our DD).  The expansion comes out in Nov or Dec, I can’t remember right at this moment, so we are basically getting ready for it.  We enjoy playing the game and it’s fun to do together.  *Please understand, not all gamers are the same.

Not much else is going on.  I am catching up on all the crap I missed while on vacation.  .  DD went to her MMA last night but hubby and I didn’t work out.  We are still smoke free.  7 months as off the 8th.  WOOHOO! 

Later peeps.  I will post an update on UL around the 22nd.  I will be doing one a month I think.  Unless I have some major accomplishment in the interim.


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