September 23, 2010

I am so not happy right now.  You ever get into one of those moods and it seems like everything decides it wants to piss you off all at the same time?  So yesterday, M was out sick with her sore.  She has my UL…  Today she is out again and she will be out tomorrow as well.  I am sorry you have a sore, and I’m sorry you are on antibiotics, and I’m sorry your tummy hurts.  Personally, I know this sounds horrid, but I want my UL back.  K is out tomorrow on vacation, so I will be the only one here…  no stitch time, no down time. 

They also decided to hire someone “temporarily” (my ass) that is related to someone else here.  It’s against the rules, it is the reason my husband did not get a full-time job here.  wtf?  seriously?  I have asked my boss for a reason.  If I don’t get one, I guess I get to go to HR.

No stitching today as I went and slept.  I was really hoping it would help my mood, but it didn’t help one fucking bit.  Non helpful!  On top of that people are just stupid.  Is it a full moon?  I should check!  Wow… just wow. 

Does anyone else have days like this?  What do you do to de-stress?  What can you do??


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