September 22, 2010

Here is my mouse ornament thingy.  He was completed yesterday.  I enjoy doing these little guys.  I have 5 at home I think, none of them are the same design.  Looks like I have a chance to work on another one… very soon.  (see below).

I started UL!  This is the top row of the first page.  80 stitches total.  Not bad for about 25 minutes.  I am so happy that I finally got to start this!  It seems like it has taken forever to make the first stitch.  I gave it to my co-worker M because she said she would surge the edges for me.  Very nice of her… And she didn’t come to work today…  OMG.  So, I get to start another ornament today.  Good thing I have like 2 or 3 more of them!  I would have had to bring Eeyore with me if not.  (Yeah, she sent us a text LAST NIGHT letting us know that she wouldn’t be in cause her tummy hurt). 

I might have an update later today, but probably not.. who knows.

HAED is doing another Bingo.  Love bingo!  I picked my 15 charts and I think the calling starts Saturday or Monday.  Guess I should check on that?  lol!  I joined the Dragon themed SAL on HAED for UL and put my pic up on the WIP forum as well.  I am hoping that I can get the first page done this year and then I will have made my goals for HAED.  That will make me a very happy camper.  Plus the non-HAED stitching I have done this year… whew!

Ok, I’m outta here for now.  Have a great day everyone!


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