September 20, 2010

LOVE is done!  All I have to do is pack it up and ship it out.  I am not thrilled with the frame as it cuts off the sides, but I am pretty happy for my first framing job.  I think it looks pretty good actually.  I enjoyed stitching this piece and would/will probably do it again.  Hubby likes it, so I will probably do one for us.

I have to finish my ornament thingy and then UL will begin!  Hopefully tomorrow at lunch.  Hopefully!  (Keeping my fingers crossed).  I am really wanting to start him.  Hubby wants me to as well. 

We have a busy weekend filled with a whole bunch of stuff, shopping and more!  Its was a great weekend.  My daughter is loving Tilly’s!  I just wish they had something there that would fit me, they have some nice clothes.

Workout tonight and hopefully Weds and Fri too.  We didn’t go last Friday because I was feeling like crap.

Later peeps


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