September 9, 2010

As promised, here is an updated picture of LOVE.  I took the names and date out to protect the innocent.  (hehe)

You can’t really see the metallic work around the inside of the pink(ish) border, but it’s there.  I have another border to do 1 in from that one and then this one is done being stitched.  I brought my thread heaven in today to help with the metallic and it helped a ton.  I just don’t like working with that stuff.  This is 2 strands of the metallic with 1 strand of regular floss, so it’s even more of a pain because there are more stands involved.

I am ready for my fabric for UL to get here.  I should track it to see where it is!  Well… next week it is then.  (I just went and traced it).  Oh well.  Gives me a chance to finish LOVE and maybe finish an ornament.  (I have one that is a WIP, and they are so small that none of them should actually be WIPS).  Anywho, back to UL,.  I have to get my hubby to give him a name…  soon hopefully.

Yesterday marked my hubby and I at 6 months without smoking.  He asked when he could have a cigar!  hahaha  I told him at least another 6 months!

Last night we went and worked out.  It was a good workout.  Our previous trainer decided she wanted to talk to us… again…  then she didn’t… wow, get a fucking clue.

Our dearest daughter is doing great in 5th grade.  We are enjoying watching the fun stuff she is bringing home for homework.  There is a lot to some of it.  Last night she had to draw 4 pictures about a story they are reading.  She did a really good job. 

My sisters mom-in-law is very sick.  Today she will be coming home from the hospital with hospice.  It doesn’t look good at all.  I feel for my sister as we just lost our mom not quite 2 months ago.  I know it is hard for her, even though she says she is okay.  I am worried about her, but hopefully she is actually doing somewhat okay.   

So you know when you just hear things that make you think wtf?  So an acquaintance, we know from J our daycare lady, had been trying for a year to get fired from her job.  No, she wasn’t looking for something else, she just wanted to get fired.  Why?  Apparently she wanted to change career paths and thought this would be the best way to go about doing it.  WTF?  Whatever, I wish you good luck with that…  really??

Well, I know there was something else, but I really can not remember what it was.  So, have a good rest of the day and if I don’t get out here tomorrow, have a great weekend!


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