September 2, 2010

I’ve noticed I have 1 follower, thanks for reading!  I just figured out where to see that, so that’s awesome.

Albert is almost done.  If I had another half hour for lunch, he would be done.  So tomorrow expect an update of a finished Albert!  I’m so happy!!  The unhappy news: I still don’t have my fabric for UL and I still haven’t heard from the ONS that I ordered from.  I sent them an email on Tuesday asking about my order.. nothing.  Not a damn thing.  Guess I will be working on ornaments until I get it…  about to say fuck it and buy it through another place.  The reason I ordered through who I did was because I saw a lot of people on the HAED board had good experience with them…  Just went and checked my email, nothing.  Seriously thinking about just ordering from somewhere else.  They haven’t billed me and I am not thinking they will either… 

We went to our daughters back to school last night.  Got to see her classroom, (for the second time) and meet her teacher.  Not who we thought it was, but that’s okay.  She seems very nice. 

Not much else right now, have a great afternoon!


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