August 31, 2010

And now we must say goodbye to yet another month in the year of 2010.  Goodbye!  Goodbye!  Goodbye!!!

Do you ever just go WTF?  I mean do you?  Cause I notice that I do it more and more frequently lately.  Have people stopped thinking?  Does anyone care about more than just themselves?  Does anyone have common sense anymore?  Seriously people!  Get a fucking clue already.  How many times must you look like a dweeb prior to getting a damn clue? 

Whew, where in the hell did that come from?  Anywho, moving on to happier things!

Albert is so close to being done it’s scary!  I don’t have my fabric for UL yet, and I haven’t received an email yet for payment either.  Not sure how much I am liking the company right now that I ordered it through.  I am going to email them tomorrow (as that will be a week since I ordered it) and see if I can get a response.  I am looking forward to starting it, but I’m also a bit scared.  It’s going to be huge!  But, I will take it one stitch at a time.  I got ivory fabric instead of white.  I’m hoping that the white won’t show through as much with that as it does on white.  Not that I get a lot that comes through, but on Albert I can see it in a few places.  I don’t want to do it 3 over 1 because it is too bulky.  (I stitch on 18 count).  I just want to get my fabric so that it is all ready to go when I finish Albert.  

I think tonight I get to start reading 30 minutes a night with my daughter.  Woohoo!  I so love that!  It lets me unwind and chill.  I get to do nothing and everyone expects me to do it!  Our DD is doing great so far at 5th grade, enjoying all there is to offer. 

Last night at the gym was nice.  We did our normal workout with cardio and strength.  It was a good workout!  Saw our trainer walk on the floor and didn’t see her again…  well I guess I shouldn’t call her “our trainer” anymore as she isn’t…  Oh well, it was a nice trip to the gym is all I’m saying.  We won’t be there Wednesday and not sure about Friday.  Other things on our plate…

I am pretty sure that’s it.  Not much else going on.  Work is good, M is out right now on vacation.  It’s busy but that will probably end tomorrow…

Later peeps!  ha!


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