August 27, 2010


So, here we are again.  It has been a bit since I have been out here. 

My stitching has been at work only so Albert is currently getting all of the love.  He is so close to being finished, only has a few more colors to be filled in.  I ordered my fabric last night for UL and hope it will get here in time.  If not, I guess I can work on an ornament until it arrives.  No gridding or anything, I don’t do that, so when I get it, I can just start-up on it right away.  25 skeins of black, should be interesting!  I am looking forward to it though, as it will be my first full size (BAP) from HAED. 

Our daughter has started 5th grade and she is enjoying it so far.  This is her first week back.  She is happy as she got the teacher she wanted and she also got to see all of her friends.  We finished her back to school shopping, although the jacket has not been bought yet.  Her first day she came home with a list of stuff she needs for in class so we are going to stop tonight after gym and pick stuff up.  It’s not much, but she has to have it!  We got her STAR results a couple of weeks ago.  Out of 600 on math, she scored … wait for it…  600!  WOW!  So awesome!  On English, out of 600 she got 497, which I am not complaining about.  We are extremely proud of her.  I don’t think I could be prouder!

Hubby and I are still smoke free… almost 6 months now.  We both still have cravings, but they are very few and far between.  We feel much better and are noticing that we are still discovering what we do and do not like anymore (as far as food).  Hubby is doing great in school and is working on American Lit and Business Law right now.  The weird classes he has to take… odd, just odd.

So with my mom passing, both of us not feeling well, our daughter starting school and other issues, we hadn’t been to the gym in 2 weeks.  (Almost 3).  Our trainer, well let’s just say that she dumped us.  I am not happy about it at all.  She expects us to be there every Monday and we told her in the beginning that we would schedule as we went.  (We only have 10 sessions and don’t want to use them all together as they are good through December).  She got all pissy with me and told me that she had to fill our spot with someone else.  Apparently she doesn’t remember that we were not going to come every Monday.  Anywho, we saw her when we were just there on Wednesday and she walks by us and tells us “I’ll be right back, I would like to talk to you guys.”  I said great, we will be in this area.  She never came back to talk to us………..  yep, that pretty much describes how she is.  Awesome!  <~~~ said with the most sarcasm you can imagine!

Not much else is going on.  I took a few days off of work last week.  Just needed some time off.  Tomorrow, the 28th, is my 10 year anniversary at work.  I must say that I really do like my job.  For the most part I like the people I work with as well.  They sometimes do things that piss me off, but don’t all jobs have something crappy about them?  I mean really!  I don’t remember a place I worked that didn’t have “issues” of some sort.

I leave you today with a picture of Albert.  May he bring a smile to your face!


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