August 6, 2010

On July 18th at 2:00 am pacific time, my mom passed away.  She was diagnosed with MS many years ago and has lived with it since and all that comes with it.  In the end, her heart gave out.  She went peacefully in her sleep with a smile on her face.  This was not something that was expected by anyone, not even my dad who was by her side at the time.  No one knew that she was so tired that she couldn’t fight anymore. 

I miss my mom horribly.  I still feel that it is all a bad dream.  That if I call my dad my mom will be there to talk to me, (they live in TX). 

I have met with my sisters, well 2 of them anyway.  We had dinner last Saturday.  It was great to get together and talk and laugh.  One of my other sisters was out of town, and I don’t know if she would have come even if she was in town to tell you the truth.  (Every family has their issues right)?  My other sister, well I don’t think she even cares.  And my other sister… well I don’t think anyone even knows how to get ahold of her.  If you weren’t counting, I have 5 sisters and I am the youngest of them all.  It’s a brady bunch kind of thing, with a twist.  My mom had 3 girls from a previous marriage and my dad had 2 girls from a previous marriage.  When they got married, they had me.  I have no full sisters, only half, but that has never really been a thought of mine about all of them.

So… I don’t have much else to say… that pretty much covers where I have been and why I haven’t been out here. 

Go give your loved ones a hug, or give them a call or an email or something… tell them how much they mean to you.  You never know what can happen or how long you have.

Love to all.  ❤


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