July 14th, 2010

Hello!  How has everyone been?  Not that anyone ever replies, but that’s okay.  It’s more of a read along kind of thing.  I get it.

Cross Stitching News – I have been going into a conference room at work during my lunches to work on Albert.  I don’t like it as much.  Today since the conference rooms were all taken, I put up a chain and note across my cube with the note saying Out to Lunch.  I have no idea if anyone walked in, but if they didn’t see that then oh well.  He is getting done but the progress has slowed a bit.  (Takes me longer to start by having to move everything into the conference room).  Love is still about the same as my last update.  I just need to bite the bullet and get it done.  Then I can mail it out and be done with it.

Workout News – Our trainer is Elle, she tried to kill us each Monday.  (except this past Monday for hubby reasons).  We are doing really well I think.  We are both losing weight!

No smoking and it has been 4 months and 6 days!

Our DD is working hard at her yellow belt and is learning new stuff all the time!  She really enjoys it.

So TMI time – My pms is getting out of control.  I seriously need to go see my Dr. about it.  I fly off the handle for no apparent reason and even though I know that the pms is causing it.. it pisses me off even more that I can’t stop it.  A day and a half of not talking to my hubby for some stupid ass thing that didn’t even deserve a reply back on and I took it 10000000 times past where is should have been.  It seems to be getting worse too, so I guess I should see someone about that.

I still have to buy my fabric for Unleashed.  Soon!  Oh and I will take a pic of Albert tomorrow and post his cuteness on here!  Woohoo

Love to all!  Peace out!


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