July 1, 2010

Hi everyone.  So, yesterday afternoon kinda upset me.  My boss apparently had someone complain to him about me cross stitching at my desk.  I guess they thought I just randomly worked on it through the day.  I only work on it during my lunch hour.  So my boss, he asks me to lay off of it for a little while so that the person doesn’t make an issue of it.  Really?  I quit smoking and this is now the only release I have now and need that when I’m at work.  I don’t always have the car with me, I don’t eat out and I do take a walk everyday but it is at the end of my lunch hour (15 to 20 minutes for walking).  I explained to him the fact that I answer the phones if they are too busy and I help people if they walk in and they get my attention, but I am on lunch.  He doesn’t care…  I have my MP3, (no I don’t have an Ipod), on when I’m stitching.  It drowns out the background noise.  So if someone walks in here, unless they tap me on the shoulder or I by chance see them, I don’t know anyone is there.  Some people don’t announce themselves when they walk in our room.    It upset me and I wasn’t too thrilled about it at all.  The areas around here that I can use to stitch are not very stitcher friendly.  So today, I reserved one of the small conference rooms and went in there.  It’s a small room, and has a table that would seat 6 comfortably.  There is a white board on the wall and a small counter.  Not too large.  2 of the walls are solid and 2 are glass.  The glass is clear on the bottom 4 feet and top 4 feet and frosted in the middle.  I actually had people ducking down to see who was in the room while I was in there!  Seriously people?  I didn’t like it much, but I guess I have to do what my boss says right? 

Workout last night helped to ease some of the stress from the day.  30 minutes on the elliptical and then 4 or 5 different machines.  Leg press, shoulder press, um… I can’t remember the other ones.  Anyways, it was a hard workout, but we did it.  I was tired last night but got some stuff taken care of when I got home.

This afternoon my hubby tells me that he had to clean up ants in our kitchen… eww!  I hate ants, have a phobia actually.  Not good.  Need to spray the parameter of the house now. 

That’s all I can think of.   I’m still not happy about the whole I can’t stitch at my desk thing.  That really bothers me.


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