June 30, 2010

Hi!  So… how is everyone?

Albert is looking wonderful.  I will take a picture next week probably.  I am looking forward to him emerging even more.  Love has not been worked on since the last update.  I have now completed a full set of DMC floss, and am now working on my second and third sets.  I have about 1 and a half sets now.  It’s a slow process.  I am really looking forward to starting Unleashed.  All I need now is the fabric which I really need to order soon.  I think 40+ skeins of 310 will be enough!  Hehe  The HAED site keeps releasing Nene Thomas charts and I am just waiting for the ones I really really want before I buy any.

Our workout with the trainer was intense!  She about killed us.  We did interval training with jump rope, squats, rope excersizes while squating and eliptical.  We are only meeting with her once a week so our next trip to the gym will be 30 minutes on the eliptical and then strength training, 3 sets of 10 as intervals.  I am still sore today and my hubby is dying.  I think because I have been doing leg presses it didn’t hurt me as bad as it is hurting him.  His legs are killing him though. 

DD is enjoying her yellow belt.  She already learned a new kick.  She is really enjoying her training!

Thats it for now… it’s a bit busy at work!


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