June 24, 2010

Hi!  How is everyone today?  It’s Thursday, and we have made it past the half way mark of the week.  Today I am feeling bleh…  I think most people have days like that, it’s just one of those things.

I finished Stephen King’s Under the Dome.  Very good book.  I recommend if you enjoy his work!  I am now reading Dean Koontz, Thunder something or other… I can’t remember the name of it.  House of Thunder maybe?  Anyways, it is pretty good so far. 

Albert is coming along nicely, here is a pic from Monday.  Isn’t he the cutest?  I mean really, he is just an adorable little guy!  I am still enjoying working on him quite a bit.  I am trying to focus on the lighter colors right now and will go back in and fill in the darker ones after.  I had to start the flower first though, just to get that color pop in there!  The Love pattern is coming along well too.  I worked on it a bit last weekend and finished the entire border.  I also backstitched the word LOVE and have started on the Happily Ever After.  (Happily is currently done).  Once I finish that, I get to put the names in and do the border stitching.  Not far from done on it now.  I still need to order my fabric for Unleashed.  ( I have to think of some other name for him soon).

Our dear daughter will be testing Saturday for her yellow belt in MMA.  She is very excited and we think she is ready.  We are thinking about putting her in Jujitsu as well.  (Not sure if I spelled that right).  She isn’t sure if she wants to, but we are seriously thinking about it.

Hubby and I are still smoke free.  I don’t even think about it anymore, which is great!  Until coming on here this morning I don’t think it has even crossed my mind for at least a week.  That is great I think actually! 

We are enjoying the gym.  We got set up on dotfit.com and are now tracking our food.  I so want an exerspy, but they are $250.00!  Holy crap!  If you aren’t sure what it is, it is a band that you wear on your arm.  It tracks how many calories you burn 24/7.  From breathing, to chewing gum, to working out and even while sleeping!  The only time you don’t wear it is when you are showering or swimming.  It shows the spikes you have in heart rate and when your calories are being burned more.  It tells you how many calories you burn a minute on average.  Awesome, but the price is just too big.  Not much we can do about that.  Oh and you plug it in to your computer at night and it downloads everything to dotfit so that you can see where you are with how many calories you have burned and such.  Oh well…

Not much else right now.  Trying to stay awake today and get through the work day.  Like I said, bleh. 

Have a good day all!


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