June 17 2010

Hello!  How’s it shaking?  I hope everyone is having a great day today! 

Today is my Friday!  Tomorrow we all (dd, hubby and myself), get our hair did.  We love our hair stylist!  She’s the best.  Not sure yet what I’ll get done, but I know that it will get cut and colored!

Albert is moving right along and I am pleased with the progress I am making on him.  I will post a pic next week.  I haven’t worked on Love since my last update on here, but plan on getting some done this weekend. 

Yesterday we bought some fishies!  We got Sucker, Gary, Ralph, Electra, Nemo and Skid.  They are all doing well so far and our DD is loving them dearly.  Snaily will not be going into the tank as we learned that the type of snail that snaily is, is Asexual.  They will overrun the tank if we let him in there, so that is not going to happen.  Sorry snaily!

HAED is now charting Nene Thomas!  OMG!  They will not be doing any of her “older” ones, but I am going to be in deep trouble from the ones that they are charting!  I wish they would do dark skies, as we bought that for MIL a few years back, signed and numbered.  How cool would it be to stitch the piece for her as well?  Now if they bring back Michael Parkes, I will be insanely happy!  I told my hubby and he said “oh, that’s good”.  But it wasn’t like he understood my happiness of having Nene’s art charted.  I have no friends that are not on the computer that stitch, so it’s hard to express what I feel to the average non-stitcher.  They just don’t understand.  So Unleashed may have compitition (which I’m sure hubby won’t be too thrilled about).  Which reminds me, I need to buy my fabric for him!

On Monday we get signed up on dotfit.  I am really looking forward to it.  Our trainer will be taking 30 to 45 minutes each with us to discuss our needs/wants and such.  I am ready and willing! 

Okay, I’m outta here for now.  Talk at ya later peeps!

If you stitch, who would you love to see charted that currently isn’t? 


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