June 14, 2010 Post 1

Good morning!  And how are we all adjusting to Monday?  Did everyone have a good weekend?  I hope you all did!

Our weekend was full.  Friday evening we went to the gym for a great workout.  (No personal trainer yet).  DD got a great workout in her MMA conditioning class.  We then went home and lazed around.  Saturday we got out and did about 6 hours of yard work.  One whole side of our yard has not been touched in probably 5+ years.  Wow, it was bad.  We didn’t get as far as I would have liked, but both of us were tired.  It was the hottest day yet of the year and we were out in the worst part of it.  The good thing is, I kept re-applying the sun block, so I didn’t get burned!  Hubby didn’t either as I put some on him as well.  We filled our yard waste bin up to the brim and we have a huge pile set aside for when it gets emptied.  (We will probably be able to fill it about 10 times with what we have already taken down/out).  Sunday we cleaned up, sprayed the parts we did with weed killer/vegitation killer.  Keep those weeds gone for the rest of the year!  We still have more to do out there though, so next weekend we will be out there again!

We have a new pet, snaily!  DD won a raffle at school from her table and won the eco project they were working on, a snail in it’s natural habitat.  I can’t remember the type of snail, but I know it is a Californian something or other…  heh.  Anyways, Hubby went and bought a 10 gallon tank and we set that up on Sunday as well.  We will be buying some more snails and a few fish on Wednesday to put in the tank.  It looks really good all set up.

At the gym this evening we will be getting set up with our trainer and also on dotfit.  I am really looking forward to it.  No “workout” today though…

I stitched a bit on Love this weekend.  The border is now almost complete and I have started the accent color for the swirls.  It should be done soon.  So here is a question.  The wedding is in October, so how early can I send the gift?  Or do I send it after the wedding??  I have no idea!  Help!!

Okay, that is all for now.  I’m sure I will be back later today, hence the post 1 in the title!

Have a great day!


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