A few things

I was late in to work this morning, for a good reason!  Our daughter’s last awards ceremony for the 4th grade was this morning and I wanted to attend… so we did.  She got honor roll again, so all 3 semesters this year!  I am So proud of her!  She also got an award for the school council committee.  Awesome!  So proud! 

So the cross stitch there ~~~>  is the one I am working on for the wedding.  It’s not quite half way done, but pretty close.  I am enjoying working on it.  It is a quick stitch so far. 

Since I am not working a full day today, Albert will not be worked on.  But here is a current picture of him.  He is still in the qsnap so the top of his head is a bit cut off.  Sorry about that!  But isn’t he looking great?  Ya just gotta love him!  I think he is more than adorable.  I haven’t yet decided what I am going to do with him once he is finished.  Guess I need to look into that huh? 

Last night at the gym we had biodensity tests done for me and hubby.  We also signed up for group personal trainer sessions.  A bit of money, but I am hoping well worth it.  We will see, not like we can get that back…

Can’t think of much else right now.  I am going to try to work on Love tonight, but not sure if I will be able to.  Have to make dinner, take a shower, get DD in the shower…  we shall see.

Have a good rest of the afternoon and a great evening!  Oh and since I had to wash the blender last night.. margaritas tonight!!  woohoo


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