Today is

3 months and 1 day that my husband and I have been cigarette free.  It’s amazing to feel so much better even only 3 months. 

Cross stitch news:  Well as it’s been awhile since I have been out here… hmm.  I finished both of the birth samplers, (I think I already told you that).  I am now working on Albert at work.  He is coming along very well.  I finished the 1st page on Saturday at home.  (I take him home on the weekends).  At home I am now working on a wedding anouncement.  It is very simple and I am enjoying it so far.  It shouldn’t take me long to complete and the wedding is not until October, so I have time.  My hubby bought me a new HAED and I will be starting it as soon as Albert is complete.  Unleashed by Anne Stokes!  Georgeous!  I am also going to get back to the fairies that I am doing for my daughter.  I have 1 of the 4 done and I really need to complete them.  My hubby is also making me another set of floss for at work so I don’t have to lug them around with me back and forth all of the time.  🙂  He is so awesome! 

Our dearest daughter is finishing 4th grade on Friday.  Wow, I will have a 5th grader!  She is really excited and ready for summer to be here!  She made honor roll each semester this year.  Her school starts honor roll in 3rd grade, and she got 2 last year, (second and third semester).  She has received them all this year.  We are going to her award ceremony tomorrow morning!  woohoo

Workout news:  It is going well.  We missed a couple of days, (see below for information on that).  Today we are getting biodensity tests done.  Not a workout per se, but it will be good enough I think.  We are going to be pushing our muscles to their limits…  I am enjoying the elipitical, although I am really shocked that I am saying that.  I am really loving the machine.

My hubby’s grandma passed away last week and the viewing/funeral/burial were Friday and Saturday.  I did not go to any but did go to the dinner after the funeral/burial.  It was nice to get to see some of the people again, but others… well let’s just say I could have gone another 8+ years not seeing them.  There is just so much history there and it really isn’t something that I like to put myself or my daughter around.  I just don’t understand some people.

Life in general has been pretty good for us.  Hubby is still looking for a job and continues to put resumes in all over the place.  Every single rejection or no call back is a blow to him and I hate to see it, but what is he supposed to do? 

My hubby bought me a new blender today.  (I asked for it btw).  So tonight when we get home, it’s margaretta time!!!  Looking forward to that! 

Well have a good night blog peeps.  I will try to get out here more often!  Oh and here is a pic of Albert!


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