Day 16

Well it’s another beautiful day in California!

Stitchy news:  Albert has seen no love.  BA got some work today at lunch.  The name and date are complete.  Now on to the back stitching for the lower carousel and the unicorn.  Then on to the top of the carousel.  I am so happy to be this far along with it.  I can see the light at the end!  There is a possibility that Albert may get some attention tonight, but I can’t promise anything.  I never know what will happen when I get home.

Smoke free:  It is day 16!  I believe it is 30 days to break a habit?  Not sure, might have to google that.  I’m not having cravings like I thought I would.  Although when I do get one now, they seem to last for a bit longer.  We are still both doing really good.

Not much more to go on about today.  It has been crazy busy at work and hopefully we will have a temp in here really soon.  We won’t know when K is coming back until after her surgery on the 29th.

Late peeps!


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