Day 15

Hello!  It’s been absolutely beautiful in CA for about a week!  Sun is shining, not too hot, not too cold!  It makes for wonderful days.  The bad part… because I don’t smoke anymore, I never see what it looks like……….

Smoking news:  It’s day 15 and I still have cravings.  I am thinking it is just the habit, and I know that is going to take awhile to break.  It is worse on the weekends so far as I can tell.  But we are both still doing good.

Stitchy news:  I didn’t get to work on Albert this weekend.  I was a lazy bum and didn’t stitch on him at all!  Nope, my free time went to watching The Office.  I am catching up and enjoying it!  I worked on the BA today at lunch.  The bottom blue and yellow are done.  I finished the first name today and will work on the middle name tomorrow.  Then do the date.  Last will be the back stitching and then I will move up to the horse and back-stitch that.  Then to the upper part of the carousel!  Not long now my friends!

Work out news:  None to report.  We aren’t going today.  I have what is becoming a migraine and our daughter didn’t get nearly enough sleep this weekend.  (She was over at her cousin K’s house most of the weekend.  She never sleeps over there for some reason). 

Other news:  For a couple days last week I felt like my hubby wasn’t happy with me.  Apparently it’s not me.  He is getting depressed.  No job and the house we are in is hell.  We want out, but can’t get out without him having a job… catch 22.  We are going to talk and see what we can do.  He feels like he isn’t doing enough, even though I think he is.  I’m not sure how to get it across to him….

Well, that’s it for now.  Gotta get some stuff done and stop looking at this computer.  It hurts my head!!


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