Day 11 (I think)

Yeah, it’s day 11 right?  My day is all fucked up…

No stitchy news whatsoever!

Non stitchy news:  I hurt!  omg, my shoulder blades keep giving off these sharp pains and it kills.  They have been going away right as they hit, but the last one still hurts.  Not sure if that is from the work outs or not… but ouch!  Alone at work again today.  I despise my co-worker M.  Seriously, if she left, I would help her pack!  Get her ass out the door as quickly as possible!

Workout news:  Walked at a very fast pace last night for a half hour.  Did the rope machine prior.  No crunches though as time was running out.  I was pouring sweat while walking. 

Not much else is going on.  Oh, I could bitch and rant more… but who would listen?


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