Day 3

Oh, it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day in the neighborhood! 

Non stitchy news:  Well it is day 3 without smoking and I’m doing good.  Last night I had to take off my patch so that I could take my shower and it didn’t bother me at all.  Only one habit craving last night, (prior to taking off the patch), so I think that was good.  This morning was pretty good too, and I haven’t had any habit cravings today at work yet.  We will see later when I’m more tired and the day is getting close to the end. 

Hubby isn’t feeling well.  Last Friday, he was feeling bleh with his nose.  Saturday and Sunday he basically had a cold.  He was feeling better Monday and Tuesday but Tuesday night he started getting a tickle in his throat.  He woke up this morning with that lump feeling in his throat.  DD said, as I was taking her into J’s house, that it hurt for her to swallow.  Damn it!  She is so prone to strep that to hear her say that is not good!  No sickies!!!  Hubby still says he feels bleh, but I am hoping it will get better quick. 

Workout news:  No workout today with hubby and DD not feeling well.  I don’t want to risk it with them going.  I will probably work out on the wii tonight so that my Wednesday workout doesn’t go to hell.  It’s a different kind of workout, so maybe that will be a good thing.  Maybe I will start doing the wii on the days we don’t go to the gym… hmm.

Stitchy news:  I did not work on Albert last night.  I don’t like to cross stitch when I am tired.  I always end up having to frog what I did, and I don’t like that so… no tired stitching!  I did work on BA today at lunch.  I now have all of the accents done and I have started the actual carousel!  Woot!  Dark pink first, then blue and yellow.  Not sure if I will do the name/date before doing the top part of the carousel or not.  Guess I will decide when I get there.

Other non stitchy news:  Work is getting busy and it’s just the two of us right now.  M, the co-worker who is here, is taking Friday off and is either going to be out next Thursday, or will be working a short day.  Really?  Okay, someone tell me this:  If you break your leg, how long is it before you see the doctor again after it is casted?  Does it vary depending on the break?  Would you go see the doctor once a week?  Seriously, if someone could let me know…  I haven’t had the experience before, so I have no idea.  But I will put that aside for a moment.  My other co-worker, K, has numerous doctor appointments this week to determine when she can come back to work from her LOA.  I am hoping it is soon, but then again, I don’t want her to come back before she is ready to.  I miss her and the sanity she gives me! 

I think too much:  One wonders why I get reminded daily that there are so many stupid people in the world.  Does someone think that I am forgetting?  I haven’t forgotten, nor will I forget anytime soon.  Stop reminding me people!

Have a great one everyone!


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