Day 2, Post 2

Whew!  Okay  I’m tired!  Like I could lay down on the floor and sleep right now tired.  WTH? 

Stitchy news:  Okay, all of the accents on the BA are done that are “on” the unicorn.  The little accents that are in the tail and mane still need to be done.  Half of the carousel post is done.  I’m hoping to finish the accents tomorrow, finish the post tomorrow and start on the top/bottom of the carousel itself.  I might work on Albert tonight, but I think it will depend on how tired I am after making dinner and taking a shower.  I would like to get some stitches into him though.

Non stitchy news:  Day 2 is going pretty good.  I notice that I am missing the habit, which is understandable, and not the nicotine.  Probably all to do with the patch I’m thinking.  Which is fine, I realize it’s a crutch.  But I don’t think this would be possible without it.  We both started on phase 2 and will go to phase 3 after.  I’ve noticed today that I just feel worn down.  Maybe I am getting something?  Hubby was coldish over the weekend.  I don’t know.  Seems interesting to me that it would be about the same time, don’t you think?  Anyone else feel run down and just tired when they stopped smoking?  I have noticed that my sense of smell is coming back too!  wow… some things just reek don’t they?  Last night at the gym, this guy walked up behind us at the water fountain and I swear I smelled it when he walked up even though I didn’t see him or hear him walk up.  Nasty reeking of b.o!  Dude, this is what they make deodorant for!!!  Use it! 

So onto tonight in a little over 2 hours…

2 hours?  Really?  I think it should be at least 4 right now.  But,… I have stuff to do still, so I guess it’s okay.  My desk has stuff on it and I really should get it done…

Okay people, it’s time for me to go do stuff!  Enjoy your evening!


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