In the words of Bob…

the builder:  “Can we fix it?”  “YES.  WE CAN!!!!”  Well it’s close to that.  Can I quit smoking?  I sure as hell hope I can. 

Non stitchy related news:  Day 1.  We started the patch today.  Can’t go cold turkey, can’t do the gum, can’t do the lozenges.  Patch it is!  It hasn’t been bad, not at all really.  I think there was only 1 time that I wanted to go and smoke and that’s it.  I think it is more the habit part than the actually wanting the nicotine though.  I’m not grouchy… I don’t think.  (my hubby may think differently when he picks me up of course).  It’s just hard.  People that have never smoked wouldn’t understand.  We have tried numerous times before, hence the reason I know that certain things don’t work.  You just get addicted and so easily and ahhhhh!  I don’t know how to explain it.  It’s there, do you see it?  It’s on the tip of my tongue!  Well, just trust me, it is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to do, or have done.  I am hoping that we both stick this out and we can get past one month.  So far I think we are off to a good start.

Stitchy news:  I worked on DL this weekend!!!!  So happy to be able to say that.  I put a few hours into him and finished off a couple of colors.  I am still seeing Albert Einstein, but not as clearly as before.  He is always Albert now though.  Not sure if I will get to work on him during the week this week, but we shall see.  I worked on the BA (birth announcement), today at work.  I finished off the hoofs and started the dark pink accents in the unicorn.  I have about 6 more accents to do, and then I am on to the carousel part!  It’s all downhill from there baby!  woohoo!  After that, I will probably bring Albert into work with me and either start a new one at home or work on DD’s fairies.  Not sure yet.

Workout News:  (Yes, it’s new)!  Today we are going to the gym.  Get to do our treadmill, crunches and rope machine.  I am looking forward to going now which is a good thing.  Hubby and I both were not feeling well Friday, so we didn’t do anything at the gym, but DD had MMA class.  We basically watched her the whole time.  (They have cameras and a tv set up so you can watch them).  She really enjoys the class which is great.  I wouldn’t want her to do it if she didn’t enjoy it. 

Okay, I’m outta here in 12 minutes (but who’s counting)?  Bye!


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