Stitchy news:  The main part of the birth announcement is done!  I finished the horn and 2 of the hoofs today.  Tomorrow, if I get a chance to work on it, I will finish the other hoofs and start on the dark pink accents.  Then on to the carousel itself!  Moving along rather nicely I think.  I’m going to try to work on DL tonight, although I still have quite a few things to catch up on since being back from vacation.  Laundry doesn’t do itself you know. 

Non stitchy news:  Well, the vacation didn’t go according to plan.  My friend, (who invited us to go and is one of my co-workers), ended up in the hospital.  So, a little back ground – She had surgery in November to replace one of the disks in her back.  She has been out of work since the surgery.  She was due to come back March 1st, but her Dr. delayed it as she needed another MRI and it was not scheduled until the 11th.  Her and her hubby invited me and my family up to Tahoe for the weekend. 

We left Thursday after I got off of work.  We got up there a little after 9:30.  She wasn’t feeling well and she was in bed when we got their laying down.  She said her head was burning up and the rest of her was freezing.  We got settled in.  Friday morning, her hubby tells us that he is taking her to the ER as she is in pain and isn’t feeling good.  Friday afternoon, she is having tests done.  Friday night, she stays in the ER.  Saturday morning, we are told that she is being transported from the ER to her local hospital in the bay area.  WOW!  She had to have surgery upon arriving at the local hosp. and now has an infection and is not sure if there is another surgery on the way or not.  She has some appointments next week and will know more then.  I felt so bad for her, her hubby and their kids.  Her hubby followed the ambulance down, and took the 2 youngest kids with him.  None of them got much of a vacation.

So, we were stuck in a house with countless other people whom we didn’t know.  No other kids anymore to play with our DD.  Some of the people were just rude, annoying and flat out disgusting.  I knew that other people were going to be there, and I only kind of knew 2 of them.  K’s (my co-worker/friend) hubbies daughters.  Both of whom are 17+ years old.  Everyone else,…. no clue.  And omg they were cursing continuously.  I know my DD has heard that, but really?  Does every other word out of your mouth have to be fuck?  Seriously?

So we starting talking to D & P.  Nice people and we were very happy to have ending up spending time with them both.  We went to the casinos with them and talked for quite a while.  It was nice.  When we went to leave we didn’t get to say goodbye to P, so I asked K to tell them both that we really enjoyed their company.  Which K did. 

K is out of the hospital now, which is good.  She is feeling much better and I am hoping that all is going well and that her check ups are all on the positive side!  I miss her and really was not happy that we didn’t get to spend any time together up in Tahoe. 

Work related stuffs:  It is getting busy, busy busy!  With only the 2 of us here, it is insane at times.  The stress level is rising.  And tomorrow… I get to be alone!  .  (How do I get smilies on here???)  I am not looking forward to it, as I know there will be no breaks, no lunch and no stitching.  But oh well, what the hell am I supposed to do?  Next Friday will be the same…  ya know, ya gotta love your bitchy ass co-workers who don’t give a flying monkeys butt about anything don’t ya?  No?  Really???

Okay, those are the updates for now.  I will possibly have something else to say tomorrow, but not sure if I will have time to get out here.  Later my peeps!


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