Some people just suck…

Plain and simple.  This is a non stitchy related post!

So hubby had an opportunity.  He went into a Mac store not long ago for something completely non computer related.  The man there (part owner), was very friendly and helped out with the problem.  My hubby, being the people person that he is, was conversing with the man while he was working.  As my hubby is going to school for programming, and he doesn’t know mac, he asked the man if he would be willing to teach him about macs in exchange for him “working” there for free.  Kind of an internship thing.  The man, (I shall call him F), said that it sounded like a nice idea.  It would help my hubby get the knowledge that he needed and it would help the store.  F told my hubby to come back today to meet the other owner.  So, that is what he did.  Needless to say, the other owner, (I don’t know his name so I shall call him shit), told my hubby that they aren’t looking for someone who isn’t invested in working at the store for a long-term employment.  (Side bar – Okay, so I understand that you want people in your store that you feel are invested in it.  But did you listen?  He wants knowledge, and will help out in the store for free while learning the mac system).  So my hubby tells him again what he is looking for and shit tells him that he believes that he is only there to gain information about the store so that he can then turn around and open another store to compete with them.  WHAT???  Really?  Okay, there are a couple of things wrong with this in my eyes.  1 – How paranoid can you be?  Do you think that everyone that comes into your store is looking to open their own store and take you out of business?  2 – Has this happened in the past so you are leery of hiring people?  3 – How do you know that hiring Joe Shmoe is going to be any different?  He may say that he is invested and is looking for a long commitment to the job, but how do you know that? 

I know my hubby was hurt by this and F said he was sorry that it didn’t work out.  But he wasn’t looking for a “job”, he was looking for knowledge.  He needs a job, but thought that the knowledge aspect would be better.  Not only for himself though.  He could still find a job and still go and learn. 

Sorry… I had to vent.  I don’t always understand people and I know that people don’t always understand me.  It’s one of those things.  I just really wish I could wrap my brain around it you know?

Anyways, that’s it for now.  I really need this vacation now!


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