It hurts

Non stitchy news:  I hurt.  Too much typing, writing, reading, cross stitching.  I have carpul tunnel in both hands and my right one is killing me today.  I have my brace on and have been taking ibuprophin (not sure the spelling on that or on CT).  So this shall be short and sweet.  Hubby got a letter yesterday and his unemployment check is going to be about $300.00 less every 2 weeks.  He has been looking for work and has put in so many resumes and applications that I have lost count.  But because of how many people are out of work, there are so many people that probably fit the job to the tee.  He isn’t even getting call backs.  He is going to hit the temp agencies AGAIN tomorrow.  He hates doing that, and I can’t say I don’t blame him, but what else can he do? 

Stitchy news:  I almost have the two front legs done on the second birth announcement.  It was slow going today and I haven’t worked on it since Monday….  (stupid co-worker).  Probably won’t work on DL tonight either so as to give my wrist and hand a break.  I will probably catch up on my shows instead.  (lets hope there is a new cougar town, or maybe i can get hubby to watch a bones with me)!

Outta here… type at ya later.


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