Non stitchy news:  The first thing I was told when I walked into work this morning:  “I have a dentist appointment at 10, so I’m leaving at 9.”  Really?  Cause you just had one yesterday!  “I have to go see a specialist.”  Well, alrighty then!  So, alone for 2 days and it is busier now than just 2 weeks ago.  Holy crap, I will be so happy when K gets back from LOA!!!  She is my savior! 

So last Friday, was mil’s hubby’s b-day.  There were other people coming and a couple of them I was dreading having to see because I just don’t care for either of them.  We shall call them Sab and Ax.  So before we even go over, my hubby tells me that Sab is now a vegetarian.  Really?  This should be interesting.  So mil bought a whole bunch of food just for Sab so that she wouldn’t feel left out.  (Found out later that Sab asked mil to do this).  So we get there… no one was there except mil, her hubby and Ar.  A few minutes later, Sab and Ax show up.  Not much longer after they arrive, mil’s hubby asks her about now being a vegetarian.  I can’t remember exactly what he asked, just that it was a why the change kind of thing.  Her response, and I quote!  “Well, I still eat chicken and fish.  Oh and turkey.  And everything else that vegans eat.”  OMG!  I was literally trying not to laugh out loud!  Does she even know what a vegetarian, much less a vegan, is?  Really??  Move forward an hour or so and we are all sitting down to eat.  Now, mil got Kobe steaks… yummmmm.  Very good if you have never had it.  It melts like butter in your mouth.  Anyways…  we are all sitting and eating and Sab takes a bite of steak from Ax.  And she’s a vegetarian…  I was cracking up the majority of the night.  And Ax had his weight belt on the whole time.  HA!  Beautiful dude.  Just stunning!

Stitchy news:  Since I have been alone at work for the last few days, I have done nothing on the birth sampler.  I did work on DL quite a bit over the weekend.  However, Sunday night I realized that I counted wrong so I had to frog about 100 stitches.  I hate that!  Anyways, my hubby said, “that looks like Albert Einstein”.  So now, that is all I see when I look at it.  haha 

I will try to get on here tomorrow. 


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