Can’t Hardly Wait

At the end of the month, we get a mini vacation!  I am so happy!  My dearest daughter will be able to play in the snow for 3 days!  Much better than a couple of hours.  She is happy too!  I just want to go now…

Stitchy news:  Worked on the birth sampler at lunch today.  Got the top part of the front legs done.  It seems like it is going so slowly, but I know it’s about the same as the last  one now.  I have sped up a bit as I want to get it done.  DL will probably not get any stitches in him until tomorrow or the weekend. 

Non stitchy news:  (Besides the first section up there).  We have to put one of our cats to sleep and we haven’t told our daughter yet.  I think, actually I’m pretty sure, she knows it’s coming.  We just haven’t said it…  I know I will miss him, even though he is a pain, but I think he will be in a better place.  ; (        We will probably get another kitty, but it will probably be about a month or so.  I am taking off a week in a few months, so that will probably be the ideal time to do it.  That way we can train it and watch it and such.  I think if we just had Angel, he would go nuts.  It’s bad enough he misses Lea (the puppy dog we had to get rid of), I can’t have him going nuts because there are no other animals in the house. 

I got my H1N1 shot today.  Free of charge at work.  I wasn’t sure if I should get one, but what the hell.  It’s not gonna do any harm right? 

We are back to going to the gym again and it is great.  I have missed it.  Of course you always see those people at the gym that just, oh how do I put this?  They don’t DO anything.  They stand next to a machine, or sit on the machine, but they don’t do anything.  I mean really, are you there to work out, tone up or pick up on guys?  One woman in particular, we see her every time we are there, never once has actually done anything on a machine or done anything that we have seen.  She has stood on the stair machine, but didn’t walk…  She has stood on the treadmill, but not walked.  Even at the weight machines, just sits there.  She talks to every single man who walks by her and is staring at others the whole time.  Really?  Do you have nothing better to do?  Some people, I just don’t get.  We will probably see her tonight too!  whoooo…  <~~~ sarcasm.

Well have a great rest of the evening.  I’m off to the gym!


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