Only Tuesday?

Shouldn’t it be Thursday or Friday already?  Really these last two weeks have gone by so slowly!  I know I complain when time goes too fast, but really… 

Stitchy News:  The second birth sampler is coming along rather well.  The head and chest are done, as well as the saddle.  Now it’s on to the front legs.  I am so tired of pink!!!  At least DL doesn’t have much pink at all in it, so that is good.  I am hoping that the birth sampler goes quicker now.  I would like to finish it up so that I can concentrate more on DL and possibly start another.  Or maybe finish off the 4 fairies I am doing for my daughter.  (yeah… ok).  DL is going well, I worked on him for a few hours on Sunday and finished the first color off, 500 I think it was.  Now I am on to 939 which is a really dark blue.  It’s funny that I showed my DD what I was working on when I started it, but she can not for the life of her remember!  So now she is trying to guess what it is… hahaha.  I kind of enjoy that though.  When I bring one to work one of my co-workers always guesses at what it could be.  It was hilarious when I was doing the little ornaments!  “Are you stitching Canada?”  lol!  But I like them guessing, it helps to bring the art to life.  It makes sense in my head.  Does it make sense?

Non stitchy news:  We got our tax return!  Wow, that was fast.  Now to pay off some bills and pay some other ones down.  My hubby is going to work out fixing the title on our house so that we can sell it and get the hell out of dodge.  I so want to move, I don’t care if we are in an apartment or rental or whatever!  It’s going to be scary, but in a different way then the scary we are dealing with now… 

Well, that’s it for right now.  I really need to try to get some pictures on here.  Talk at you soon! 


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