So happy it’s Friday.  This has been a long work week!  Most people are saying the same, (and not just the people in my office).  I am ready for the weekend to be here, but I still have an hour and fifteen minutes to go. 

I don’t have any stitchy news other than I have the head of the carousel horse done on the birth sampler.  Still slow going but it’s getting there.  Since hubby is going to be gone for a few hours tomorrow, I will probably work on DL.  Of course that could change, but I am wanting to work on it.

Non stitchy stuff:  I got the teeth on the left side of my mouth deep cleaned on Wednesday.  Thank goodness I don’t have to do that again for a while.  The shots hurt like hell.  Doesn’t matter how much topical they give me, I can always feel them.  Oh, and the ones in the front… feels like your sinus’ are going to explode!  But I feel better now and my teeth are so much whiter!! 

We did our taxes, and we get money back!  So glad, it makes it much much better than having to pay!  We are looking at what we want to do with the money.  Since we want to move, we think the best thing to do would be to put the money into fixing some of the little things around where we are now so that we don’t have to worry about those when we try to sell.  I just wish someone could come in and do all that for you.  You know, like the paperwork, dealing with all the different angles of trying to move out of one house and into another at the same time.  Blah… I just want to get out of where we are now.  Horrible area and scary…

Okay, well have a great weekend everyone.  I hope you all stay as dry as possible.  (Hopefully the weather man will be correct and it will only be showers tomorrow morning and then nice the rest of the weekend)!



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