Non stitch related –  This past weekend was super busy.  My wonderful husband planned the whole weekend out and about for our daughter’s birthday weekend celebration.  We went and saw Avatar on IMAX 3D.  Pretty good movie and it did not seem like it was almost 3 hours.  When we were going to go rollar skating, but the place was worn down and looked too horrid to even try to do anything.  We then went and spent some time with friends we haven’t seen in quite awhile and went out to dinner with them.  The following day was full of minature golf, go cart racing and video games.  It was a great weekend and DD loved every minute of it.

As yesterday was her birthday, we took a cake over when we picked her up from J’s house so that all of the kids could help to celebrate her day.  They enjoyed the cake and ice cream and sang her songs.  It was fun.  Then we went home and had a wonderful evening, (minus homework in DD’s mind).  She lost one of her teeth too, so she got an extra 10 bucks for losing it on her birthday.  She was pretty happy about that.

Stitchy new –  I haven’t worked on DL for awhile, I should have time hopefully one night this week or at least on the weekend as my hubby has a meeting to go to on Saturday.  The second birth sampler is coming along.  I have noticed that I am a bit slower on it, probably because I just did it…  At this point I just want to finish it so that I can move on to other stuff.  DL for one.  I am thinking about starting another one but hubby would probably hurt me.  I already have one that I haven’t touched in probably a year or more.  Maybe if I just work on DL it won’t be all pink stuff I am stitching.

Bye for now…  Have a great rest of the week.


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