No stitching so far today.  I’m all alone at work, so that means no lunch which means no stitch time.  If I’m lucky, it will die down in an hour or so and maybe I will be able to put in a few, but that is always iffy.

We still don’t know what we are going to do for DD’s birthday party.  We really do need to figure something out though, and soon!  She hasn’t asked about it so I think that by the time we get her… we both forget.  Not good I know, but what can I do?  I will try to remember tonight.  I’m going to make some cupcakes so that she can bring them with her to school on Monday.  Then she will have a treat for everyone and they can celebrate her birthday. 

Not much is going on.  Just the normal stuff that everyone does day in and day out.  Hoping to get some stitching time in at some point this weekend, but you never know. 


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