Okay, so it has been awhile and for that I have to say… eh.  I was sick in December and was not quite over it when I got hit with another cold/flu.  Horrid, I was down for a week.  My hubby got it before me, but not as badly.  Our DD only got the sniffles, which I am grateful for.  I hate it when she gets sick.  I wasn’t feeling much like doing anything at all, so I didn’t.  Sleeping and lazing around when I wasn’t sleeping was all that I was good for!

So, you see the beautiful picture that I posted?  Does anyone has any idea if this is available for cross stitch any where, or if it ever was?  I purchased the signed print for my MIL a couple of years ago and would love to stitch it for her.  I have emailed Nene, I have emailed websites that are about her.  Not once have I received a reply from anyone.  I love most all of her work and would probably stitch anything that was available, but I am beginning to think that none of her art had been charted.

Onto my stitching related news.  I have finished the first birth sampler for my dear friend and his new wife/family.  It came out great, and I am glad to be finished with it.  Now to do the same design… with the name and birth date different.  I worked on DL a bit yesterday, not for very long, but I tried.  Still on the first green color that is in the top left corner.  I work all of one color, so I will finish that up before moving on to the next one.  My hubby wants to get me another Qsnap and I say woohoo!  I think they work so much better than scroll frames now.  The tension is just not there on a scroll.  The scroll is a pain to re-tighten and the qsnap is a breeze.  I am hoping to get one or two more so that I have them readily available.  I like the smaller one, not sure if I would want one of the bigger ones.  No other stitchy news right now.

Next Monday our DD turns 10.  10!!  My oh my how the years have flown by.  I can not believe it.  We are still not 100% sure on what we are doing for her big day, but we know that she wants all of her friends around her and cake… haha

Okay, I’m off here for today.  Still need to get my wip’s on here.  Of course, I guess I need to take pictures of them for that too huh?



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