Aww Mondays… don’t ya just love em?  If I could work 2 days a week and be off 5, that would be so nice.  (Of course getting paid the same that I do now).  Guess I shouldn’t complain, I have a great job and I get paid very well for what I do.  It’s just that right now… eh.  I’ll shush.

I originally had thought I had all of my floss for DL, turns out I didn’t.  So as I posted before my hubby went last Friday and bought me the last 2 I needed.  Saturday we were out and about the majority of the day and I got no stitching time in at all.  Not even putting the floss on bobbins.  Sunday, between cleaning, laundry and many other things, I not only put the floss on bobbins, but I also started DL!  I don’t think I even did 100 stitches, but I started!  I really do enjoy how much a new start feels.  That and just being about to see how the pattern will come together over time.  I mean, we all know what they are going to look like, but it just amazes me how they become works of art right under your fingers. 

The colors for DL are absolutely stunning!  I started on the upper left side, (normal for me on HAED’s), and so my first color is 500.  I stitch all of one color before moving on to the next, and there is not too much of this color, so hopefully it won’t take me long to move on to the next color. 

Not much is going on right now… my hubby is looking for a job, still.  (Long story).  He has put in more applications and resumes so hopefully he hears something soon.  He is taking online classes to get him Associates degree and is getting all A’s!  4.0 all the way so far.  He has 2 more classes to take and then he will have 1 year to go.  He is going to get his bachelors as well, but right now we are focusing on the Associates.  I am so proud of him.

Our DD started coming down with a cold on Saturday night.  Sunday her voice was a bit funny and her nose was stuffed up.  This  morning it was just her nose.  I am hoping it is just something on the surface and doesn’t get her too hard.  I hate it when she gets sick as she is very prone to strep throat.    Usually I have some of the medication left over, but I don’t right now, so if it comes to that, off we go to the doctor’s office.

We joined a gym, UFC.  You might recognize the name from the fighters.  The gym is one of a kind, literally!  This is currently the only one they have open.  They have machines in the gym that the fighters use to train that you will not find in any other gym.  It is an awesome experience and one that I am really liking.  We are going a few times a week and working cardio mostly now.  Working with a personal trainer is coming soon though.  Need to target certain areas and I want to know exactly what I should be doing to get that done.  It makes for a long day, but the rewards are going to be great!  Our daughter is doing MMA and is loving it.  I see it as so much for her, respect for people, self-discipline, excercise, muscle training… the list goes on.  It’s great to be able to see her develope in it as well. 

Ok, I think that is all for today.  I will try to get on here tomorrow as well.


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