Missed one

Sorry about yesterday, I had a dentist appointment and kinda felt crappy the rest of the day.  I hate the numb feeling!

So my dearest bunches (my hubby) and I went to Michaels before my appointment yesterday and picked up the floss I was missing for DL.  Of course they didn’t have everything so this morning he went and picked up the remaining 2 colors I needed from Joanne’s.  I love my bunches!  No one sells 20 count in the stores, so since I have 18 at home, that is what he will be stitched on.  I think I will start this weekend. 

Unrelated to cross stitch news:  Last night, I’m sitting on the couch reading, (my daughters reading time and I am trying my hardest to sit with her and read my own book while she reads hers).  So I am currently on book 6 of the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.  I am on page 368 and it’s an illistrated book… so the page opposite has a picture.  I turn the page and the sentence doesn’t match..  what?  Okay, so maybe I missed a page.  Nope, it went from 368 to 394.  20+ pages missing out of my book.  I was not happy!  So my bunches went this morning to Borders, (where we bought the book), and they exchanged it with no questions asked.  Awesome!  So instead of stitching today on my lunch I am going to read.  Because not only did my wonderful hubby buy my floss, but he exchanged my book and then brought it to me at work!  I love him so much!  He’s the best.

So, I’m off to read.  Hopefully I will get some pictures up here this weekend, not sure though.  We have a full day Saturday so I’m not sure how much of anything I will get done.

Till tomorrow… or Monday…  not sure yet.


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