So this is a brand new blog for me starting in January 2010.  I will display my stitching woahs, ooos and aahhhs that I have completed, am working on or I am about to start.

Currently my “craft” is cross stitch.  I have completed a few, off the top of my head I will say about 10 or so.  The majority of them not being that difficult.  I have some ornaments that I have done, some birth announements, and a few fun ones. 

Most recently I finished QS Citrine by Rachel Anderson on Nov 22, 2009. (I have to mess around with this thing as far as pictures go). 

I am now working on a birth announcement for a friend.  I am doing 2, of the same thing but with different names of course.  I am pretty close to being done with the first one.  Have to map out the name and birth date and finish the back stitching still.

My likes as far as cross stitching goes varies quite a bit.  I like original art, eg Starry Night, Lady Godiva etc.  I also like mythical, such as dragons, fairies, mermaids and such.  I have noticed that I tend to like the more “real” art compaired to the cartoonish looking art.  I also tend to stear away from fairies and such with pointed ears.  It didn’t bother me before, but I seem to be noticing it much more now.  I also like the real looking art that just seems to catch my eye or makes me stare into it.  I can’t really describe any right now, but hopefully that makes sense.

Heaven and Earth Designs I have found really has a lot of cross stitch to choose from and they have so many designs that I can find so many that I want to do.  The QS Citrine is a freebie that I did through their site, part of a SAL that I did for 2009.  My goal was to finish before the year, and I did!  I am so happy about that! 

My next piece, (while still doing the birth announcements), will be a storykeep called DragonLuck.  It is another freebie through the HAED site and another SAL as well.  This one is 6 months, so I am hoping that I get it done in time.  They will have another one at the half year mark for another 6 months.  I am hoping to do DL on 20 count fabric, but I’m not sure if that is going to happen.  Might be 18.  I think that 18 would be fine, of course it will be far too big to be a sk!

The majority of my stitching is done on my lunch hour at work.  I don’t get much time to stitch at home as I either am too busy doing things or too lazy vegging!  I would say that 90% of QS Citrine was done at work during my lunches.  Not bad if you think about it.

Well I guess that is it.  I will try to figure out the picture thing on here and post some of my completed work as well as my WIP’s. 

Until tomorrow!




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